Welcome on Airtime Exchange

Telco Market
as it should be.

Airtime Exchange is a revolutionary marketplace that
enables telco carriers to real-time trade minutes and
texts with no credit risk, thanks to a liquidity pool
backed proprietary platform.


Why Airtime Exchange
is unique.

Trade Voice & Texts
in Real Time

Get instant access to live market traffic and routes from 70+ carriers.

Credit Risk

Every transaction is guaranteed by a peer-to-peer real-time settlement, whatever the currency.

Banking Platform

Easily manage contracts, payments, invoices and money accounts (EUR+USD) in one place.

Seamless trading experience,
flawless user experience.

Exchange function for both inbound and outbound traffic of Voice and SMS, promote traffic and route opportunities to all carriers, and automatically insert Tier 1 A-Z rate decks into rate options to buy. All within the same platform, accessible from any device.
  • Provisioning, Rates, Routing, Reporting, Prepaid/Postpaid Billing
  • Automated Traffic Management for lean carrier divisions
  • Zero Capex
  • Pay as you go pricing for hosted solution

Welcome to the new era of telecommunications.

Airtime Exchange is the first and only platform that interconnects all carriers in a financially safe environment, with real-time settlement in any currency.

A marketplace you can trust.

Thanks to its unprecedented, liquidity pool backed, proprietary platform, Airtime Exchange allows for maximum financial safety and ultimate peace of mind.
  • Certified carriers
  • Peer-to-peer settlement & revenue assurance
  • Smart contracts
  • Liquidity pool

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