1. What is carrier interconnect trading?

In the world of telecoms, when a consumer makes an international phone call or receives a SMS from an app, from banks or from other services, these calls and messages are traded in wholesale between telcos just like commodities or securities. 

These international calls are often referred to as “Voice Traffic” whilst such SMS is referred as “Application to Person (A2P) SMS Traffic”. 

Telcos aggregate Voice Traffic and A2P SMS using specialist switching and routing equipment known as Switches and Message Centers. Switches and Message Centers are used to interconnect between telcos so that Voice Traffic and A2P SMS can be exchanged between one another. 

A telco will use specialist software to manage the business and operation in order to provision, rate, route, bill and monitor the Voice Traffic and A2P SMS being traded with other telcos. 

These markets and its trading activities are driven by price and quality, which are managed by the specialist software the telcos have deployed in their networks. Thus creating a dynamic trading environment, where a telco can pay its supplier X and charge its customer Y for either Voice Traffic or A2P SMS. As long as Y is more than X, the telco has made a profit. 

The combined Voice and SMS markets represent $160 Billion in global annual revenues for the telecom industry. Due to the technical nature and large revenues of the industry, telcos have often employed large teams of people to manage the technical, sales and finance departments of such trading activities. 

2. What in Airtime?

Airtime is All-in-One software with managed Switches and Message Centers, that simplifies the user experience for telcos and industry professionals to provision, rate, route, bill, monitor and  GET PAID  for their Voice Traffic and A2P SMS. 

Airtime delivers many automations, making the ability to trade Voice Traffic and A2P SMS simple and accessible to any stakeholder in the telecom industry, regardless of discipline, profession or experience. 

Airtime removes the barriers of entry into this marketplace for any entrepreneur ready to monetise their relationships in this industry. 

Airtime goes above and beyond, by delivering the solution with integrated bank accounts in the name of the telco and enforcing “Real-Time Settlement” of Voice Traffic and A2P SMS between telcos. 

Telcos can trade with one another in a safe environment, without any risk of exposure from credit default and always being assured of payment, not monthly, weekly or daily, but in “Real-Time” based on the Voice Traffic or A2P SMS received. 

So where a telco agrees to pay its supplier X and charge its customer Y for either Voice Traffic or A2P SMS. The telco will receive Y from its customer, and pay its Supplier X using Airtime, without any risk of not being paid and locking in profits.

3. How does Airtime work?

Airtime is the only solution in the market that offers direct telco to telco REAL-TIME Settlement, without any third-party hubbing, in any currency. The complexity of Voice and SMS networks is fully managed, simplified and delivered as a web app accessible from any device with internet access. 

Every telco operating their Voice or SMS business on Airtime is provided with a Switch or Message Centre, each with a Public IP address for SIP interconnects or SMPP Binds. 

These are integrated with our software where you can provision interconnects/binds, rates, routing, and QoS based actions with automated rate management, billing, credit control and  settlement  of traffic exchanged via the integrated bank accounts. 

Assume you’re selling your route to a customer, however, you’re unable to get credit terms approved nor is the customer willing to prepay. With Airtime, as long as your customer has money in their bank account, you will be paid in REAL-TIME, into your own bank account based on the traffic the customer is sending you. When the customer runs out of money, the traffic to you is blocked. 

Now put yourself in the shoes of the customer. You find a supplier, with a route and rate you like. The supplier won’t provide credit terms, and you’re unwilling to prepay. With Airtime, you deposit funds into your own bank account, and your supplier is paid in REAL-TIME based on the traffic you send them. When your money runs out, the traffic to your supplier is blocked. You can, of course, deposit more funds to run more traffic. 

4. What is Medii8?

Medii8 is banking infrastructure and financial technology developed by Opt1mize. Medii8 bank accounts are integrated with Airtime creating an eco-system that automates settlement of trading activity for the telecom industry. 

The Medii8 bank account is like any other bank account, where a telco would receive an Account Number for USD, EUR and/or GBP currencies as well as associated routing numbers (ABA/ACH, BIC or Sort Code respectively). 

The Medii8 bank account is provided in the name of the telco to use simultaneously with Airtime, and can accept SWIFT, GBP Faster Payments, EUR SEPA and USD ACH payment methods. 

Opt1mize will perform a complete Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering checks on  ALL  telcos joining the eco-system in line with our Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing policies. 

When Opt1mize delivers the Airtime solution, the telco receives a unified interface for Airtime with Medii8 Online Banking. A telco can use Medii8 to manage beneficiaries and payments as well as any foreign exchange contracts where applicable.

5. What is the benefit in using Airtime?

The biggest risk to the success of your business is the ability of your customers to pay, but pay in a consistent fashion so that you can maintain your supplier relationships. 

Sell your route to any telco using Airtime within the Medii8 eco-system, as long as they have money in their Medii8 account, you are guaranteed to get paid the rate you offered. But paid in REAL-TIME. 

Don’t take risks by offering what you deem are small credit limits of $3k, sometimes even $5k to chase new business. A single bad debt of $3k, $5k or larger erodes your profits and working capital. Multiple bad debts can be catastrophic. 

The same rule applies when chasing new routes from new vendors. Don’t be fooled by the low rates offered for prepayment. Bad debts can occur from prepayments that are not fully recovered. 

Through a simple interface you can trade Voice and SMS with existing relationships on your agreed terms whilst introducing new customers and new suppliers with REAL-TIME settlement. 

6. We alredy have a voice or sms platform. How can we use both at the same time?

Very simply, by interconnecting (voice) or binding (SMS) your existing infrastructure to Airtime. 

If you’re selling routes via Airtime, collect the traffic in Airtime and payments in Medii8, and send the traffic to your existing infrastructure and money back your current bank account. Simply provision your interconnect or binds accordingly to allow this. 

Alternatively, if you’re buying routes from another Airtime user, send traffic from your existing infrastructure to Airtime. As long as you have funds in your Medii8 account, your traffic will flow to your vendors in the Medii8 eco-system.

7. Is our money safe?

Yes, your money is completely safe! 

Medii8 bank accounts are segregated and safeguarded ledgers meaning that your funds are held separately from the funds of Airtime. There is no relation between the funds in your bank account and Airtime, so no one can lay claim to money in your Medii8 account other than your company. 

So no matter what happens to Airtime, Medii8 or Opt1mize, the money in your Medii8 account will always belong to your company. 

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